Kudus, kilaskampus.com – Seven athletes Tae Kwon Do from Dojang Tigers UMK (Muria Kudus University) have won dozens of medals in Tae Kwon Do Championships Kendal Regent Cup 2017 held in GOR Bahurekso Kendal, 25 to 27 August 2017 ago.

Championship followed by 835 athletes from 50 teams in Central Java and Yogyakarta (DIY) Kwon Do team of Dojang UMK Tigers have won 13 medals, comprising two gold medals, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals.

Gold medal for the team’s Dojang Tigers UMK, presented by Santi (Majors / Prodi Psychology) for the category of Poomsae (stance / art) and the number Kyorugi (fighting) U – 46 kg senior daughter.

The silver medal was won by Aura Adellia Fiqri Heryanto (Prodi Legal Studies) at number Poomsae, Ananda Rito Kusuma Abriyanto (Prodi Informatics) at number Kyorugi U – 54 kg senior son, Faizullah Nur Kholiq (Prodi Management) in the class Kyorugi U – 58 kg senior men, as well as Rizki Fathon Rahardhani (Prodi Mechanical Engineering) in poomsae category.

Average for the bronze medal, won Aura Adellia Fiqri Heryanto (Prodi Jurisprudence) Kyorugi number U – 49 kg senior daughter, Ananda Rito Kusuma Abriyanto (Informatics Engineering Department) Poomsae numbers, and Tri Wahyu Vitello (Prodi PGSD) Poomsae numbers.

The bronze medal was also presented by Tri Wahyu Vitello (Prodi PGSD) Kyorugi U – 58 senior son, Fathon Rizki Rahardhani (Prodi Mechanical Engineering) Kyorugi U – 63 senior son, Fitri Novita Sari (Prodi Informatics) Kyorugi U – 46 kg senior and daughter Fitri Novita Sari (Informatics Engineering Department) at number Poomsae.

Santi and his friends said they were proud, because it managed to medal victory for SMEs, although opponents faced very heavy. ” A lot of great athletes and weight, in particular from the Police Academy dns team and the team WTC (Semarang), as well as the home team, HTC Kendal, ” he said when received by Vice Rector III Rochmad Winarso ST. MT. and builder SMEs Sports, Ery Budi Kuryanto.

Despite facing opponents tough, but Santi and his friends Dojang Tigers team UMK optimistic, can achieve the feat in the championship. ” We are optimistic in reaching achievements, as previously had been prepared well. We practiced intensely to follow this championship about three months. So it has been a steady materially and mentally, ” he said. (*)

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